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Saturday, October 6, 2012

New York Photo Diary Pt.I

 So I was planning on buying things  that I would be able to also wear to work... but when I saw this cashmere magenta sweater at J.Crew I couldn't say no
 And then there was this lovely equipment shirt at Century 21 (first time ever going there!) which was a crazy discount and I always love their shirts so again, needed it!
 If you come to NYC or live here you've probably seen these, I bought them at a random booth on the street, chose the orange because it goes with the color scheme at my work and the silver? just cause :)
 After waking up at 3:20 AM and shopping and walking all day, took a midday nap/exercise and lunch in my bed at the hotel to gain energy to go out again at night.
(I haven't had bread like this in soooo long! It was a delicious roasted veggie sandwich, mm!

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