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Friday, September 7, 2012

New at work

 Working in retail is making me obssessed with folding and presenting my closet in a very orderly and appealing way.. so last week I reorganized my closet (well some of my closet) to make it look better :)
 I know I've been slow with blogging lately. It's because I have to wear Club Monaco clothes everyday for work, and yes I love their clothes, I just don't have much of them so it's hard for me to be creative with.. So until I build up my wardrobe properly outfit posts will be slim. BUT I just got the iphone and I'm going to set it up today before work so I will be getting instagram so it will be a new sort of way to post more often! I'll let you know when I get it so you guys can follow me :)


Cathy Laurent said...

thanks for visiting me :)
I think your site is amazing, I'm following you now :)

hope to see you soon,

Jess said...

so jealous that you got an iphone.x

Jess said...

so jealous that you got an iphone.x

Peach Punch said...

Good job, I like Club Monaco's clothes, a bit prices but definitely nice!
P.S: BTW I have a new post!

My Scrambled Style said...

I recognize the folding. Worked in the retail for a long time, so my closet at home always looked perfect ;-).

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Ileana said...

Im obsessed with organizing the closet! Got a plastic folding thing so everything has the same size :D
I spot a marni H&m print there :D Love it :D
And instagram is awesome too ^^