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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My iPhone and I

So I bought the iPhone 4S a couple weeks ago. Why didn't I just wait for the 5? I figured there would be a lot of lines, that the iPhone 4S would be enough of a step up from my Blackberry and well I was just too eager and didn't want to wait another day.
And you know what? This is the most amazing phone ever. I never even imagined I would be able to do so much with one device. The apps I have on this thing has filled gaps I didn't even know needed filling! Anyways, I love it. And it was worth every single penny I spent on it (bought it myself from apple)

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Mary Kapsi said...

Love the iphone case!!!
Check my last post dear MaryFashionLove

Marta said...

I want an iPhone so bad! I have the iPod touch so I still get all the fun apps, but the actual phone would be even better!
Btw, I love your case!

Peach Punch said...

Congrats with your new device!