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Wednesday, August 15, 2012



So as you guys know I am in Disney world right now! I made this post before leaving though.

I just started a Youtube Channel (Only have 2 videos so far and I haven't mastered the charm yet) and I wanted to ask you guys who are some of the people you guys follow?

So far I am following Jenna Marbles (for comedy) and Lollu Fully LoadedDolly bow bow (for make, up and hair.. and style.. but I don't watch those videos, I follow blogs for that)

If you have any other subscriptions that you think are great I'd be so glad if you shared them with me!!

And make sure you check out my channel!


Julye said...

So cool your now in Disney world - have a lot of fun !!

Juliette in Wonderland said...


Peach Punch said...

Have fun, DIsney is amazing!
xoxo Dia.
btw I have a new post, check it out!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

Lovely videos dear!


Mitha Komala said...

your youtube channel is awesome! have fun in Disneyland, jealous of you! xx

Letters To Juliet

A. said...

I will check out your channel!

- A.

Jess said...

just subscribed (: lolufulyloaded is my fave!! im subscribed to 'zoella' 'sprinkleofglitter' 'sarahbelle93x' 'ardenrose' 'ijustine' 'charlieissocoollike' 'thatcherjoe' 'thestylediet' 'thunderandthreads' 'joolie18' and 'missglamorrizzi' (: x