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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The never ending dilemma

This Alexander McQueen skull print scarf has been in my mind for a couple years now.. It's sort of a dilemma, should I or shouldn't I? The minute I first saw it way back it crossed my mind, but I never really wear scarfs so I rejected the thought. But then, when Lee McQueen died I thought I should get it as a sort of token of my appreciation for him (The day he died I felt so horrible, the strangest thing - it's not like I knew him or anything of the sort, I just couldn't find myself to go on with my day and I left school before my first class even started.) Anyway, I never bought it. I never do really wear scarfs.. But the thing is, I don't have any that I love enough to wear, or think about wearing.. so maybe if I got this one, one that has a sentimental (sort of) value, and is simple yet full of character, maybe I would wear it?



Coffee & Vogue said...

I'm for the: "You should!"
I did buy it about an year ago. To be honest, it's not a scarf, it's a MUST! :)


Peach Punch said...

Just get it, don't think too much, you don't have to wear it everyday! the skulls are so trendy anyway!

xoxo DIa.
P.S: I have a new post! and thanks for your sweet comment!

The Look Lover said...

Ciao!! Thanks a lot for your compliments!! I like so much your blog,it's very cute and interesting! Do you want to follow each other with bloglovin? Let me know,kisses from Milano;) Paolo

Chloé said...

I adore scarfs. In fact, I have a collection. That´s why I say: You should.

Anonymous said...

I just followed You!
If you like come to follow me!

Beauty Follower said...

Buy it, its trendy and it matched almost with everything.
I saw a similar one few days ago at Zara, also in white.

leny one said...

you should totally get it. I got it in green and just love it. you know what, i wear scarves all the time, i´m always cold, but this is not something to make you warm)) this is something that gives style. and you will have it for a really long time..maybe forever)

Sally Chau-Li said...

I have a brand new burgundy/black one, 100% authentic obviously, would you be interested? I got it as a gift and already have 3 so I'm thinking of selling this one.