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Friday, July 13, 2012

What time is it Mr.wolf?

So, these are my first watches in 10 years.. When I was little my grandfather always used to buy my sister and I swatch watches, you know, the ones with the disney princesses on it and such? So, when my friend who works at swatch was wearing this one in turquoise, I flipped. Yes, I hate the idea of watches - always having the time on your wrist.. why!? but I see this more as an accessory.. and it'll be good to not have to look for my phone whenever I need to know the time. AND its a nice reminder of my grandfather! yay :) So I bought neon yellow and this royal/navy blue color, one for summer, one for winter, but they're both wearable any season. AND they are super cheap, 55$CAD + tax each. Do I sound like a sales person? Sorry. I'm just very excited!
Find them here (light blue)here (red)here (green) (prices are different online than in-store)
P.S I'm wearing a white lace dress by MOON and a necklace my mum got me from vacation


Anonymous said...

I've this one on ARCTIC SEA colour... It's a light turquoise shade... And I loooove it!! i bought it on the airport when I come back from London, was my self gift for my birthday!! =) You can found it HERE!!
And, I guess that this summer I'll bought one more for myself when I come back from Rome... ;)

Fashion Blends said...

I love the neon yellow one - so cool!!!
would love for you to check out my new post

Lilli said...

Hi Katia!:) it is a very nice watch!:) I follow you on bloglovin now!:) Kisses!

Dreaming of Chanel said...

You look great ! Loving the lace top and the neon coloured watch !! Hugs xx

Carmen said...

So far I didn´t like these swatch watches but the colors you chose are amazing :D