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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The new pants

Went to meet a friend at her work yesterday, she works at swatch and I have had my eye on one of the watches so I went to buy it in two colors (will show you soon - unless you follow me on twitter, then you already saw one of them!) and then we went out for dinner :) it was lovely!
Sandals& pants - Zara, belt - Simons, Tank top -Club monaco (underneath), Mesh tank top - H&M, purse - Chanel.

P.S FINALLY FOUND A HAIR SPRAY THAT KEEPS MY HAIR CURLY ALL NIGHT! So happy! haha :) will share with you soon :D


Arden said...

Oh! I bought those same pants yesterday! They are awesome, and so comfy... Enjoy them :) xx

Saida said...

You look beautiful!
Your hair are perfect. I'm jealous. :)

Marissa said...

can't wait to find out about the hair spray!! those pants rock! have a lovely day :).


Mary Kapsi said...



ttea said...

I like how the pants look very painterly. The proportions and colour are done properly. I also like how you paired it with the thin yellow belt.

ZxM Fashion Addicts said...

love the pants, u look great!!!

briannelee said...

Love the print of the pants!

Betweenmydresses said...

Love your pants!! And your hair! kisses!

K. said...

Great look! So comfy!
Love your hair!

Mira said...

The pants are so awesome :D


Sandra said...

The pants looks amazing! I've been looking for similar ones, but I can't find them anywhere!

Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

Black Pearls said...

Very cute!! I love the pants and well the whole outfit
xoxo asiahlynn