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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friendship bracelet DIY

I finally got around to making friendship bracelets! And now I'm addicted. This one was for my sister, she's leaving to Germany for the entire summer! I'm going to miss her :(
I followed the DIY off of (my all time favorite blog)
Shirt - Made by Me, Shorts - H&M, Sandals - Zara, Nail color -Essie


Jess said...

i used to love making these bracelets. jealous of your sister and her whole summer in germany!! x

Fran M. said...

I just made one of those, they're so lovely!


Kacrates said...

I honestly wish I could braid friendship bracelets!

Ravenna Moreira said...


Thekla said...

love the sandals:)x

Laura Go said...

I have been making friendship bracelets NON-STOP too!!! LOVE your shoes!

♥ laura
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