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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy bee, busy mee

Ok so after handing in all my projects I have some more last minute things to do for the school's fashion show that are keeping me very busy! I will be blogging again starting this weekend! Sorry for my lack of updates and commenting!!
Top - Old dress from zara, skirt - gifted, jacket - Sandro.
Yes this was my attempt at mixing prints and textures.. fail or pass?


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

The sparkley skirt is lovely!

Mary Kapsi said...

Today a lot of sequins! Adorable! Just posted about a pair of shorts of sequins <3

Stacy said...

love it all!

la vie quotidienne said...

Amazin Sparkley OUTFIT my dear..i need look your face =)

Perfect pics...have a nice Friday =)


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Laura Go said...

Just concentrate on your school work! and continue looking fabulous :)

♥ laura
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