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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marni and H&M

Yes! This morning before my 2 o'clock class I went to the Marni at H&M opening, here in Montreal. I bought the mens short and shirt set, going to do some adjustments to them so that they fit me better. The jacquard top and the pj. top.. I'm starting to be a bit skeptical about the pj top.. I don't know.. this never happens to me but I think I did an impulse on that one. Anyway, we'll see.


Laura Go said...

ooooooh I love the baggies! they're so fun! :) Can't wait to see you wear them :)

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Antonia said...

Looove those pieces! :))


Thea vintage said...

Oh I like the pj top! Keep it :-)

rouli said...

cool stuff

kiss dear

garmentHARLOT said...

I'm buying the top off eBay and i'm worried about sizing- how do you find it fits? Any info would be great!

Katia said...

Sure! But for which top? the jacquard metalic one is a strange fit. Its tight at the neck, sleeves and bottom but the body part is kind of loose. Also they only lined the bodice part and not the sleeves so its not the most comfortable thing under the arms. The mens shirt I bought is a small and its very loose and square shaped because its meant for men. And the PJ top is just very loose but in a good way!
Hope that helps :)

garmentHARLOT said...

Super helpful, thanks!