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Thursday, March 1, 2012

I adore this shirt in so many ways.. but due to the delicate fabric, some of it's seams are fraying.. I've fixed it up a while back but the problem has reappeared... so I have to resort to cutting off the sleeves and turning it into a sleeveless shirt. Thus, making yesterday the last day I will wear it in its original state. *sigh*
Shirt - Zara, Skirt - BCBG, Ring - Alexfara


Jess said...

I think it would look really nice without any sleeves (:

briannelee said...

I think it will be a cute sleeveless blouse, though!

Also love your skirt. The pleats are so fun.

QT said...

Cute blouse!

Anonymous said...

Sleeveless for the summer! Just in time! ... or sort of. Stupid snowstorm!!!!!! Zara actually got new florals items in their new collection... but not as nice as before

Mary Kapsi said...

Your shirt is amazing!