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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Handed in - Exit Exam a.k.a Personal Collection

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So, this next project, as the title says is my Exit Exam. To "prove" that I am ready to graduate from my program (fashion design) I have to pass this project. So, if I fail this - no diploma.
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Anyways, my collection is "The Dreamer & The Realist" its your cliche'd opposites collection, meaning one masculine side complimenting a feminine side.. But I wanted to take it further than just your dresses and blazers (which sadly a lot of people do at my school) So the femininity is in the prints and fabrics and the masculinity in the garments themselves. And then, this needs to be divided into two groups, which I will get to later.
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The trend I followed (this collection is meant for S/S 2013), from a legit. trend book, is pretty much happening now, floral suits. Thats really what I based myself on. As well as the use as sheer fabrics such as chiffon and organza to make shirts.
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*I know my drawing talents are very limited but please don't laugh! I had to gather a lot of courage to post this* So the first group - "The Dreamer" Is well.. the softer side of the collection, with cascade details on the garments, some pastel color blocking and lighter colors. I wanted this to really suit the type of girl who is a dreamer but has to wear "serious" clothing such as suits and shirts, but transform the garments to suit her personality.
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Next is "The Realist", my personal favorite "group" of the collection. This group is still feminine with the fabrics, but it is obviously simpler, with minimal color blocking on the sides and pocket backs of some garments.
This is only part of the project, there are wayyyyy more pages but they are more technical, going into the fabrics, trims and fabric constructions.
Anyways let's hope I get a good grade!

Now I'm starting to make some garments (that are chosen by a "Jury" not by me) to make so that they can evaluate my pattern making and sewing abilities. So I'll keep you posted on that :)


Maria Bastida said...

absolutely loving this!! I'm sure you will pass it and with a great grade!! just let us know how it went :D
and btw what you write behind your picture is perfect, personal and touching! ;) xx

lizchewy said...

The concept sounds amazing and all the visuals look stunning. Good luck on the rest of the project but I am sure you will do great!!


ScorttariusStyle said...

Love it!!!

Laura Go said...

omg they all look beautiful! I love your designs! I am sure you'll pass with flying colors!

♥ laura
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