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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Going, Going, Gone

Things are starting to pick up at school, I have a couple projects due soon/ to work on but I kind of like being busy with this kind of stuff :)
Skirt - I can't remember, Blazer & shirt - Zara


sarah rebecca said...

You are beautiful :) ♥

Anonymous said...

i love that blazer :) I actually bought the mint-ish sweater at sara today. I wish it was mintier though :p like, more saturated and a bit greener

Laura Go said...

I love being busy too :) And I love your skirt!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

lizchewy said...

I love your blazer!! I have a few from Zara and I love them but I have never seen the white one!!


yiqin; said...

you have beautiful hair<#

Sick by Trend said...

ohhh! what a blazer :) cool look


Kelly Malka said...

ooo i like this a lot! what a pretty palette