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Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Layers

Ok, not so many layers.. but I couldn't think of any other name.. Gah, how sick I am of winter, I can't wait to start wearing spring clothes.
Skirt & Shirt - Club Monaco, Sweater - Uniqlo men's.


sarah rebecca said...

I like the first picture :)

briannelee said...

I love the white blouse with the sweater. I think its a cute winter look.

Emily Lynne {The Best of this Life} said...

I agree with briannelee - classic sweater over blouse is such a nice way to layer! Thanks so much for coming by The Best of this Life - I look forward to connecting with you soon! xo

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

This is lovely!

Laura Go said...

I love the look with the black jumper! It looks so smart :)

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Anonymous said...

so so cute! loving the sweet schoolgirl look :)

Jess said...

really like this (': and aha how can you be sick of winter? :L
ps. i dont have an iphone, you can use instagram with an ipod touch (': xx

Ask Erena said...

Very cute skirt! I can not wait for spring myself:-)

hugs from New York,
Ask Erena
P.S. See what is new in my shop today!

Mia's Little Corner said...

Lovely outfit!!:D Really like the skirt!!:D

Stop by some time:D


Mia's Little Corner

TracyJackson said...

i really like this outfit !!! xx

Anonymous said...

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