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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New in - Nail polish

I bought these two Dior nail colors yesterday.. Never bought any Dior ones yet, usually just stick to Chanel, I'm excited to see if they're better or worse!


Catarina said...

I like the colours that Dior have but i'm not too fond of the quality of the nail polish...I find it chips far too easily even with a topcoat. I usually stick to Chanel and Sephora's brand.

3Wildxx said...

Chanel are usually my favourite nails varnishes although i find they too chip and peel off really easily if on your fingernails, but i love the bottles for both chanel and dior, they look great on any dressing table :)

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Show it on your fingers plssss!!!!!


Jess said...

like the colours (': never tried dior either x

Laura Go said...

haven't gotten a chance to try those yet. The green one looks divine!
♥ laura
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