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Monday, January 16, 2012

Holding back the ocean

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This reminded me of the project I did for school based on accumulation of garbage in the ocean :p
Yes the title is from another song by Electric Sunset I really suggest you download their self-titled album, it's too good. Anyway, I showed you my outfit posts of the trip now here are some of my favorite photographs I took.


Is This Real Life? said...

Ugh these photos are so beautiful Katia, amazing photography!

The beach looks stunning...Ah i wish it was sunny here! Ha! X

Beauty Follower said...

Nice picts,
love the one from the airplane!

The PvdH Journal said...

Oh how stunning! My favourite is also the last one- what a fantastic view

Kendra Alexandra said...

great photos
Your blog is amazing and
I just had to leave you a message so you know!
You might just have gained yourself a new follower :)

I hope you can follow me back and check my blog


LOVE LIGHT said...

Thank you for the comment! Pretty scenery pictures ^ ^

Gahh~ makes me want to go traveling :3 loving the last picture with the islands!

Stephanie Lin said...

Such pretty pictures! The sun looks so nice!

lucia m said...

beautiful!! <3

sarah rebecca said...

thanks for your sweet compliment & lovely comment ♥
your blog is great, too. i love the pictures :)

lini said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Amelia said...

wow pretty pictures :D make me want to run from winter and go to the beach :D