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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What do I want for christmas?

Kate Spade glitter coin Purse(in black)
Water for Elepants (no I am not a twilight fan, but this movie is beyond words.. and Reese w. has a great wardrobe in it.)
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Newbury tote(in cobalt here) sooo inexpensive, check it out :o
Mulberry small bayswater bag in Oak(link to hazelnut snakeskin)
Yes I do have an addiction to purses. But the mulberry one I will buy for myself and only when I put enough money on the side for it, like a responsible person, right? right. Of course there's more I want but let people guess no? *cough*Prada Candy perfume*cough* :)


FidoLand said...

love the bags!!may I also want them? :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll get them! I love tha last bag!

Jess said...

the ralph lauren bag = love. the colour is gorgeous x

Grace said...

that Mulberry bag is GORGEOUS and who can go wrong with glitter? I loved the book and will definitely check out the movie!

Pip said...

That Kate Spade glitter bag is amazing! Great blog by the way. I stopped by after you visited me earlier. :) xoxo