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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking for something?

Since I got so many compliments on my blue necklace, I decided to do some research to help you guy find some that look similar. I got mine in a random store in The Bahamas so it could be hard to find but check these links out for similar looking necklaces :)
Kate Spade bib necklace, Kate Spade longer, same look but longer , More More more mooore and more!


Anna said...

I'm such a fan of the bib necklaces and this one is gorgeous with its bright pop of colour - you're sweet to share your finds!

Anna xo

Lidiya said...

Your necklace looks fabulous, I adore its style and the colour is gorgeous <3

mikky said...

Thanks for looking for similar ones for us! My two favs are the hsn grecian-inspired one and the modcloth art necklace. hmmm but since you said you got yours in Bahamas it might be more fun to go look for a copy of yours;)

Becky said...

Love your bib necklace -looks great on you :)

Melissa said...

I love your necklace as well! x