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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The dig

As you may know, every year my family and I go to the Bahamas, where we have a condo. This year I brought Alexander, my boyfriend (as I did last year). One of my favorite things about Bahamas is "the dig" in Atlantis. They made this underground passage with beautiful aquariums and cool artifacts. It really never gets old.
Dress - H&M, Belt - Acne, Blazer - Silence & noise, Shoes - Winners (very very old), Purse - Chanel


Is This Real Life? said...

Ah your blazer is such a beautiful shade, so pretty!
The Bahamas sound like a dream, LOVE the pictures of the jelly fish, really amazing!
Have a wonderful time!

Beauty Fashion Lounge said...

Nice pictures, love the blazer.

Anonymous said...

Love the blazer and the shoes together!! :) Hope you're having a blast! xx

Nikol said...

very nice outfit...I love combination blue blazer and red heels =)

Becky said...

LOVE your blazer - what a pretty colour!
Nice pictures, merry Christmas girly!

Kat said...

beautiful blazer! the color is wonderful :)

Jana Lopez said...

Super cute outfit!!! I'd love to go to the dig and see it for myself, your photos are so cool! :) Hope you guys had tons of fun!

The PvdH Journal said...

You are one lucky girl! I was stuck in London due to work (but hoping to escape to our house in Mexico sooooon!).

That place looks amazing. I find aquariums to be incredibly peaceful places (aside from school tour hours!)

All my best for the New Year darling.


Laura Go said...

how lucky that you have a condo there! I love your pink shoezies and your legs are so loooong!
♥ laura
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