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Friday, November 11, 2011


Yesterday was raining and dark allllllll day long. Which made my spa withdrawl feeling grow and grow.. sooo I stopped at Holt's on my way home from school :) Will show you what I bought soon!
Dress - Zara, Jacket - Rachel Roy, Coat - Made it myself
P.S I'm so happy with how my nails turned out.. lets call it my version of the sparkle fade nail trend :)


laura said...

I will never ever get tired of that floral coat. and I still cannot believe you made it! ok, I can, I'm just super jealous :) And I love YOUR nails!

♥ laura
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Jess said...

your nails look so cool x

Ale e Elis said...

Stunning nails!!!!

Maria- CityLaundry said...

your nails look awesome!
i wanna see what you bought!!

Maria Bastida said...

this coat is the cutest thing I've sing in long time!!!! totally loving it :D

chelsea.jade said...

Love the floral pattern! :)

Florencia said...

Nice post! I love the coat and the nails. I have mine similar but in degrade color :)
Lovely blog!

Joandy said...

love these sparkly nails and the flower coat!!

 Ms. Allee said...

Gorgeous coat doll!*


Popblush said...

Wow, you made that coat yourself! You are so creative!

Love your nails! So cute~