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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick and easy

Fried beans and spinach.
I love this recipe so much because it's incredibly simple yet so delicious, the dryness of the fried beans and the moistness of the spinach blends perfectly together.
Heat some coconut oil in a skillet at medium heat..
Then, use a can of mixed beans, or any of your favorite like kidney beans or chickpeas. It's nice to have a mix though.
And fry them until the water in the skillet is gone and the beans look almost browned.
During the cooking add sprinkles of salt and pepper for taste.
Now is the time for the spinach.. depending on how much you want, I put a hand full. Keep in mind it shrinks so it might look like a lot at first but it wont be in the end.
You may need to add some more oil to help the spinach cook. Try to make a space for them in the beans, or use a separate pan.
Add more salt and pepper for taste and when the spinach looks like this, its ready to eat!
Enjoy :)


Jess said...

oh wow this looks delicious. x

Bonnie said...

This is totally a Mr. A kind of meal. :)
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laura said...

yum. I heart beans--the more kinds the better! and with spinach? deeelish!

♥ laura
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Don't Think Twice said...

it looks delicious!!!!!!!!!

xx, rachel <3<3

Kayleigh said...

Looks yummy,thanks for your comment,following your blog via blog lovin <3

Is This Real Life? said...

Ah Katia, another amazing receipe!
I have never tried Spinach before, but it looks super tasty with the beans here. I recently bought some chickpeas and didnt really know what to do with them so this is great to get me started!!!

Oh and thanks for your lovely comment on my Xmas gift guide post. I done another little gift guide on my blog, inspired by what you where looking for, for your dad. Hope it helps a little with ideas! X