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Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Oh wow. I just wrote the longest message I have ever written on my blog (well besides the vegan one) and I was trying to backspace a mistake and I pressed it too many times and I just erased everything. Anyways, a short version of what I wrote is that I entered into a competition I've dreamed of winning for three years, even if I wasn't inspired by the theme or happy about my design or drawing, and I did not get chosen. Which is a horrible feeling, especially when I hear those who got chosen talk about it. But on the bright side I did not give my all to it.. I probably gave my worst. So I don't feel as bad.. But it still hurts. However, my day was not all bad. I presented my progression of another project to my teacher and he told me I was doing really well and he seemed really excited about my designs (will show you/tell you about it soon!) But this desperate will to stand out from the rest of the design students in my school is making me become more and more impatient.. I just have to keep telling myself that my day will come.. and hopefully I wont have to wait another three years for an opportunity..
Dress & Belt - Vintage, Shoes - Steven by Steve Madden, Coat - Zara, Scarf - H&M, Ring - Boyfriend got it for me :) Nail color - "Ming" by Chanel


Jess said...

oh no, there is nothing worse than sitting for ages typing something and then deleting it. i'm sorry you didn't get chosen, i'm sure your work was incredible. it'll all work out, don't stress Katia.x

lapetiteblonde said...

love your dress!!so nice!!
kisses and have a nice day=)

laura said...

sorry to hear that you didn't get chosen. That sucks, but! there's always a next time. You are so incredibly talented, so keep your chin up!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights

Melly said...

Nice Outfit. :)

karin said...

I´m sure that you´ll get everything you want very soon.You have great style and a great blog.Visit my blog too.If you like it we can follow each other.Kisses from

Live life glamorous said...

Your shoes are great! :)

Aya Smith said...

You have such bright pretty eyes! Love your look :)

Aya ♥
Strawberry Koi

Is This Real Life? said...

Uh thats horrid you didn't win, but like you said at least you know you didn't give your all so it wasnt the best of you that was judged!

In think it must be so tough to stand out like you said at a design school. When i left high school i applied to Art School but a bit like your project i didn't give it anywhere near my all as i wasnt sure it was what i wanted at the time and i never got in, in a weird way i wasnt even dissappointed because i had always had a weird feeling that i wouldnt like being in an enviroment where everyone is like me if you know what i mean? Like none of my friends and family like art or fashion as much as me and no one that i know loves the same designers or artists as i do so i have always liked the feeling of being a little bit different and standing out a little in my circle and i always thought going to a art school where everyone had the exact same interests as me and liked all the same things would tire me out trying to be so much better than them at everything as im not very competitive as a person, so i totally get where you are coming from, I agree with what you said though if you have enough talent (which you obvz do) then your time to shine will come!

just tututiny said...

OMG - don't you hate it when that happens, I erase blog entries all the time. One time I even erased an entire school assignment! I love that scarf on you! I am currently having a scarf fetish ;)

Julia Janku said...

Cute photos ! And really nice blog !
Good luck next time !

Thanks for the lovely comment !


Popblush said...

What a gorgeous dress~

Melina-Lajolie said...

like your outfit - very cute !!
lovely blog :)
would you like to follow each other?
melina from