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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nails, nails, nails

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Alright, so for the longest time I've been trying to master this nail-style and have failed every time. I had seen a tutorial on a blog a while back but never got around to buying the paper stickers needed for it, until a couple days ago...
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So what you need is, 2 different nail colors, a nail polish base and top coat, scisors, and these stickers for when you make holes in paper.
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First step, Paint nail with base coat, let dry.... Next, paint nail (or part of nail) with first color, this will be the one at the bottom. (I'm using Chanel "Graphite") And let dry for about 15 minutes ( I didn't wait long enough so my nail polish came off with the sticker and I had to repaint it)
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Third step, cut stickers in half (while still on paper) and stick them to the bottom of your nail, make sure you stick them properly so the other nail color doesn't slip through!
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Next, paint second color over nail, go over the paper a bit to make sure you get every spot and the line is clean ( I know, I paint my nails messy-ly.. but I always clean them after!) {I'm using Chanel "Vendetta"} Let dry for about 20 mins. Again I got impatient and smudged some nails.. Don't take off the stickers until you've done your second quote (if you need to do one)
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Once dry, take off stickers and see the beauty :) and finally, apply top quote.
Oh and don't forget to clean up your fingers if you're as messy as me!
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I will have to show you guys my collection of Chanel nail polishes.. And it keeps growing :)


chelsea.jade said...

Lovely :) Its nice to see tutorials, as I do mine slightly different x

lapetiteblonde said...

love that colors!!and gret tutorial!!
kisses pretty=)

menina elegante said...

I just love this tutorial!! :) x

devin olivia said...

wow it looks so easy ive always wanted to do this as well.
such a great method

laura said...

Yours look so much better than mine. I can't remember how/ many times I've attempted this... and failed miserably!
♥ laura
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Violet said...

Love this :) wish I had time for DIYs

Vi from Cali

Style Servings said...

Great colour combination!