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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Black and Camel

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I love this dress I made, its the first time I wear it! The way the fabric dances around me as I walk is such a nice feeling on my legs :) On another note my physical education teacher saw me today, not in my gym clothes.. and he said "are you going to a ball or a funeral?" now when people who know nothing about fashion make fun of me I just think it's so funny, so I just laughed and said neither.
Dress - Made by me, Sweater - J.crew, Shoes - Aldo, Purse - Chanel, Blazer - Urban outfitters, Scarf H&M men.. from a couple years ago, Belt - Vintage, Bracelets - Self made and tibet store in paris


Natalie Suarez said...

very pretty! love it :)


Anonymous said...

yay, the dress is done!! :) Can't wait to get mine started!! and LOL at the gym teacher. Hasn't he been in the school long enough to know that... we have fashion programs? so it's normal. We're not at Dawson for god's sake. Did he expect you to wear sweat pants all day long? every day of the week every week? WAKE ME UP FROM THAT NIGHTMARE.

Jana Lopez said...

Such a pretty dress!! My colleagues at my office always make fun of what I'm wearing. Once I had a bow tie on and they said I looked like a waiter, it's funny really, I just went along with it :D

I love it when dresses move so well and send some fabric love on our legs :D Just makes you want to twirl around alot! :D

lolizzie said...

That is gorgeous, you are so talented! x

Clio said...

just so typical :) I studied PE and none of the other students could understand me wearing heels and dresses for the theoretical classes.

Mia's Little Corner said...

Oh I love love love this outfit!!:D The sweater and the maxi skirt look perfect together!!:D

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Popblush said...

Love that cardigan and skirt on you!

lapetiteblonde said...

love that combination!!great outfit!!
kisses pretty=)

Yulia said...

Oh, such an amazing dress!!!!!!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

So beautiful!

laura said...

black and brown are gorgeous together. I love that dress too, even if I can see only the skirt part-- and it's pretty!
♥ laura

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Lola Finn said...

That is my post was about! :)
I don´t really like the miu miu collections, too!

Love the colour of your sweater!


Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Gorgeous! I love the combination of the jumper with the skirt and the little belt! I´m so in love with the jumper! <3<3

Pimenava Yana said...

i really like this post :)

Lu ♥ said...

Love the combination!!

Lu ♥

Style-Pursuit said...

Perfection! :o)