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Friday, September 2, 2011

What is Vegan?

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Alright. So, I know many readers don't actually read what I write so I try to keep it short. With that said I've been doing a lot of thinking and I want to introduce a new feature to my blog. A couple years ago (3 and a half to be exact) I decided to become a vegetarian, I read some books on health (ok, only two: Skinny Bitch and one I forget the name but it was about healthy and spiritual eating) and watch documentaries on health and the food industry. With all of that I felt prepared to change my eating habits and I knew that I had the knowledge to do it in a healthy way.
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For the first months I dropped eating meat, chicken, yogurt and milk, a few months after I dropped seafood, fish, and eggs and, then a few more months later I became vegan, meaning no cheese, animals, or any animal by-products. I went about my diet-change in various steps because I figured if I drop everything at the same time it would make me feel like I'm missing something; by letting go of things in my diet in steps, I was able to lose cravings or needs for things little by little, this increased my chances (in my opinion) to reach my goal to become vegan.
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Let me back up a little bit. My father's family is german.. so meat eaters, really. I grew up eating fillet mignon, ribs (my dad makes the best ones), chicken thighs, calamari, sausages, anything, you name it, I ate it.. Well.. except lamb.. because I had a stuffed animal/best friend lamb and I didn't want to betray him. Until one day I realized that ribs.. was.. well ribs. Call me stupid and ignorant but up until I was about 14 I had not realized I was actually chewing on animal bones. This suddenly gave me the urge to stop. Ever since then I called myself a wannabe vegetarian. And then one day, I read about a book about Vegetarianism (Skinny bitch) and I wanted to read it because I knew that to be healthy and strong, I needed to learn how to be vegetarian. By this I mean, what to eat, where to get protein, vitamins, and everything I need to be strong and healthy. So I did. And I bought cookbooks and cooked my own food even though I still lived at home because I wasn't going to make my mum cook separate meals for me than the rest of the family, she had enough stuff to do as it was.
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In the beginning I wanted to be simply vegeterian without drinking milk (because why drink an animals milk thats meant for their babies to grow.. into something much bigger than humans?) but when I stopped drinking milk, ( and the other things as well) I felt more energetic, lighter, cleaner.. and I became addicted. So I dropped yogurt, eggs.. and I still felt I needed to let go of cheese.. but oh, how I loved cheese! Brie, cheddar, Pizza!? But I told myself, you know what.. what is cheese? is old, hardened milk.. how gross is that? So I dropped it. Of course at this point everyone around me was saying VEGAN? WHAT? COME ON!? But I shut them out because they were not feeling what I was feeling. My whole body felt so.. it's indescribable! I feel regenerated and detoxified. When I thought of cheese after 2-3 months of being vegan I was disgusted.. and don't even make me start on meat.
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Anyways, all this to say that I really want to educate people on vegetarian/veganism because I feel that the media and people in general tend to portray it in a very weird, granola, hippie way with pictures of fragile, pale skinned people.. and honestly.. do I look like that? I'm blonde, most of the time tanned, not anorexic looking, and into fashion.. pretty much the opposite of the vegan stereotype.
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And hopefully I will influence some of you to try out vegetarian or veganism because it's honestly the best feeling.

I can just hear you now "but I love meat!" I did too! I adored it! but in all honestly I do not miss it. not at all! "but I love sushi!" Hello? there's vegetarian sushi, they put all sorts of veggies with different textures and it tastes amazing!
So, just open your mind a bit and let me at least teach you a bit about health.

More to come!

P.S the goal is not to be skinny, the goal is to be healthy. But.. a healthy person usually is thin.. skinny is just.. well gross, sorry.
*The book skinny bitch is written with humor, and the name is simply to attract people, it is actually a really thought out and the women who wrote it very knowledgeable.


Tiffany said...

That's awesome!! I'm not a vegetarian or vegan by any means. A part of me wishes I were. I know the health benefits that come with eating that way, but I have zero will power. I know that's just an excuse, BUT . . . lol

laura said...

I've always wanted to be vegetarian/vegan, but it's easier to do when you're single. My husband is a voracious meat-eater, and though I don't eat that much meat, it's hard to cook a veg meal for both of us that he won't complain about. Instead, we're both adamant locavores and only eat what's produced within 100 miles of our location-- that includes dairy and meat.
♥ laura

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Couture Carrie said...

Good for you, darling!
So healthy!


Francesca R said...

Hmmmmmm it's hard though. I tried vegetarian sushi but I love raw fish.
In any case is an option that I am not discarding.
I'll think about it.

la fille citrouille said...

i've been a vegetarian for three or four years now and i don't miss meat in any way.

i thought a lot about going vegan during the last months but i'm not sure if i really can give up cheese. as you wrote above, yes, it's old milk. but tasty, tasty old milk :-D
plus i love an egg with my breakfast. hm.

what did you make a vegan, atfer all? what thoughts did you have?

Clio said...

your post inspires me to think twice about what I put in my mouth. I generally have healthy eating habits, but can't let go of the sugar. But you are right, you have to eat to feel energetic and fueled. Maybe I should try it out to skip all meat for one month and see what happens :)

Katie said...

I've been vegetarian four years and haven't ever looked back. I don't think the whole vegan thing is for me though, I love my eggs!!

Jess said...

haha i always read what you write. :L
but this post was amazing. ive been a vegetarian for 3 months. i had started last december and was going well till march when my doctor insisted i started eating meat again (i had pneumonia and was sick for ages so she figured this would kick it) but now i'm considering going vegan and this posts gave me the kick to say 'do it'.
i'd love to see more posts on this from you :) like what you eat to substitute etc. :L xx

kate maggie said...

Katia I just loved this post! All of these meals that you posted looked so delicious. I would call myself a 'wanna be vegetarian" hehe..I eat chicken sometimes, but not any other meat, and I just cant seem to get away from having feta cheese on my salad! Its so yummy. Through the summer though I started to realize how much I really didn't like or even need those products, so its great to hear about your journey. I loved the book Skinny Bitch. It made me never want to drink a pop again in my life (and I havent since reading that book a year ago!) Hope you are well lovely. I have loved catching up on your blog lately. Your new place looks amazing! x

amalie said...

great post! i have some friends that are vegetarians, and i feel so unhealthy compared to them, haha. however, i'm not a big meat-eater so i could pull it off.
and i agree, become healthy not thin xx

the nyanzi report said...

good stuff.

Kat said...

good for you! i wish i could do that but i dont think i have the tenacity to try :P

Is This Real Life? said...

This is such a great post Katia, thanks so much for sharing!
It's so interesting hearing your story about becoming vegan/vegetarian, as up untill about mid way through this year I called myself a 'part-time' vegetarian. For about 4/5 years i had never ate any type of meat/eggs/yougurt expect for one day a year (christmas day- i always allowed myself some turkey!!) I had a similar realisation to you, one day i was in the car driving past fields (there is hundreds where i live, so i don't understand why i hadnt realised before) but it just hit me that these little cute sheep and these cows and chickens were what i had been eaten, it was literally like a light switch had went off in my head and i felt so repulsed by the sight of meat ever since. Although i didn't go about it any where near as well as you did, i just went cold turkey and cut it all out, it wasnt that i ever missed it, i didnt, it was just that i felt my diet was lacking a lot of things, like vitamins/protein etc so this year i decided to slowly try and start eating some meats/eggs again to try and give myself a better diet, its hard to be honest as I really dont enjoy the tastes of meat after this long although it is wonderful to eat eggs again. After seeing this post though i feel really inspired to do it right , im definitly going to seek out that book and try and get myself being a super healthy vegetarian again! These meals look delish and so different to the stuff i had been used to eating.
P.S sorry for the mammouth comment,Ha!

lolizzie said...

You might just have converted me.... :O

Sally Chau-li said...

I've been following you for over a year now, and I have recently started educating myself more on food as well, I've read parts of skinny bitch and in defense of food and although I couldn't say I'm vegetarian yet I have cut out milk, and all meats except chicken. Hopefully I'll have as much determination as you to become pescatarian (consume only seafood). By the way I want to ask, has all of this affected your body physically at all? (weight loss/gain, sickness etc)

The PvdH Journal said...

I'm also a vegan, but it is more for dietary reasons that principle. I simply just don't digest animal products too well!


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