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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend at home

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Since I've moved downtown for school, I made it a point to visit my parents, pets and hometown every weekend (or atleast the ones that I don't have an overload of homework), because my prefered wardrobe is at my apartment, I figured I'd borrow some of my mums things :p
Jacket & shorts - Zara, Top & Sandals - My Mum's, Purse Gerald Darel (Mum's too), Bear ring - from when I was little, Yellow topaz and diamond ring - Parents found on the floor in bahamas


The PvdH Journal said...

Oh wow! Two posts since I visited yesterday - damn you are punctual! (need to learn that from you hehe).

I love the print from your saturday outfit and from this one? Man that purse is awesome!


jess said...

I love the sparkly top.

Regina said...

Love it cute outfit


*Joey* said...

your outfits always look so effortless, i always take inspiration from how you put things together! x

Bonnie said...

I think it is a great idea to visit your parents and hometown once a week. That way, you have your independence, but you can keep in touch with your family!
Your hair looks totally gorgeous. Stunning!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kat said...

you shoes are soooo cute!!! love them! :)

Jana Lopez said...

I love your top! My mom has something similar, I'm so going to migrate it to my closet! <3 Outfit inspiration! :D

Maria Bastida said...

I love everything with you can imagine what I think about your tshirt :D

Alexa said...

Love the whole outfit! I can't believe you guys found that ring on the floor... Lucky you!

Mia's Little Corner said...

Awsome outfit!!:D I love your top and the cardigan!!:D

Stop by some time:D


Mia's Little Corner

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Love the sparkling top! Looks great mixed with the Zara pieces!
Newest follower lovely! xx
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

Is This Real Life? said...

Ah living Downtown sounds so cool, All i have in my head now is that 1960's song, " can always go, Downtown"
Ah im such a nerd! ha!
Wish we had uptowns and downtowns here, it always sounds so gossip girl, i love it!!!

The colour of your shirt is really fab, goes lovely with the gold tones too!

Lidiya said...

Super outfit - I adore the color of your jacket :)