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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Floral glitter

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First thing I did Monday morning when I got to school was burn myself while ironing a sample dress for a presentation. I burn myself a lot at school but never is it this big.. and early in the morning. Anyways, voila my new nail polish!
Dress - Made it myself, Belt - Vintage, Double spike ring - Boyfriend got it for me, Leather knot ring - By Boe, Purse - Chanel, Sweater - Sparkle and Fade (Urban outfitters), Sunglasses - Karen Walker, Nail polish - "Graphite" Chanel


Violet said...

god stop making me jealous by making awesome clothes lol.

Vi from Cali

Kat said...

i LOVE your nails!! that color is awesome! :)

Anna G said...

I love the print on the dress. Also your hair is so lovely!

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh love that dress! :D

the nyanzi report said...

great mix.

Jewel said...

The dress <3
The sunglasses <3
The nailpolish <3

You rock!

X Sarah

Clio said...

love this dress, such a great fabric!

Noémie said...

Love the dress! You look great!

Yulia said...

I'm so into this dress: I like very much that you didn't make a summer dress. Instead, you've made long sleeves which is a real pearl for this dress. And love this black sweater!!!
P.S. isf one day you start make clothes on a professional level, I'll be your first client=)))

Allegra said...

lovely post!

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laura said...

You are so amazingly awesome making your own clothes! That dress is simply a stunner. I love the detail in the back-- just lovely! And your nails are fab!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights

Agora tô pronta said...

Hi, I loved the blog.
What do you think of following each other?
Kisses! Vanessa.

ediot said...

such an great outfit girl.
and I really envy you for the sunnies you got there
hope you're having a good week so far


Ginger Snap ♥ said...

Your dress is gorgeous! And you made it yourself! I also adore your nails.
Ahh thank you for you comment xx

Nicole said...

That polish color is GORGEOUS! I also love your dress! You are so talented :) xo

maggeygrace said...

One of my roommates is a nail polish fanatic and I always steal her polish. I love it!! Glitters are my favorite- I love the color on your nails! I might need to try some graphite colors!

Marta said...

I seem to be constantly burning myself somehow too!
Btw, I love Graphite, I'm loving glitter nail polish right now :)

The PvdH Journal said...

I love the back of your dress! And I need to get that shade of Chanel ASAP (I just havent made it to a department store in so long now ahhhh)

Regina said...

Love your nails, cute photos!!!


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

This outfit is so lovely, i really like that dress and your silver nails are beautiful :D

head over heels said...

love the floral pattern of the dress and the nails are amazing! x

Lu said...

Love your style!!!
Your dress is fantastic in print and shapes. You are an artist.

Follow you!!


Sara said...

Just so wonderful. I have to come over to steal your wardrobe. To say sorry I will leave my not-so-pretty wardrobe in its place. Deal? xx

Lola Finn said...

Oh wow! I love this dress! Good job ;)