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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Redefining cool

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Alright.. I know I've been sounding like an advertisement lately.. but guess whose making a blog? My boyfriend, Alexander. But not alone, he's doing it with his friend Elliot. Now this isn't a fashion blog, they will mainly be discussing hip hop or any other types of music they like, or cars (Alex is obsessed with cars) or anything they feel is, well, cool. Although Alex is extremely modest and can't admit he's a good writer, his friend Elliot will be writing most of the articles. He's studying journalism (I think) so he has a very good way with words.


Kat said...

going to check out his blog now :)

Natalie Suarez said...

super cute! love it :)


Anonymous said...

one word. cool. :) All the contributors of DUBBED magazine are in the blogosphere now!! haha. We should totally put that magazine online or on our blog sometime. Especially that super awesome photo shoot! huhu.


the nyanzi report said...

good stuff.

Francesca R said...

how cool!!! I am off to check his blog!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

I'm liking!

Is This Real Life? said...

Ah I'll have to go check it out, sounds fab! And the little video of you below making the blazer is awesome and the blazer looks so lovely too!

Katie said...

Sounds great I'll check it out :)